Friday, January 30, 2015

My Hybrid Bridge Design

I'm not a civil engineering.... i am a chemical engineering
but one of structure that i interest in is a bridge....

This one is Hybrid concept of  mix Truss bridge, Suspended cable bridge, and Arch bridge in one
the main idea from shape of high voltage electricty tower.... that can more length span of tower...
than can more reduce using of suspended cable...  or more length span of bridge....

But its far from perfect, just a preliminary design :)
sorry for my bad English :)

Blue = Main truss structure (idea from high voltage tower)
Green =  Suspended cable structure
Light Blue = Arch structure
Orange = Secondary W truss structure

this is the illustration... only 2-D, front visual....

Just for share and education.... For my work recognition.... I just call it from my name "Arif Hybrid Bridge" :)
Please tell me if you interested

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